Information Disclosure

Disclosure of educational information

In accordance with Article 172-2 of the Ordinance for Enforcement of the School Education Law, this page lists nine items on the status of education and research activities to be made public.

1. The educational and research objectives of the college of technology

Educational Principles, Educational Objectives

2. Basic organization for education and research.

Diploma course, Advanced engineering faculty

3. Staff, the number of Stuff and the degrees and achievements held by each teacher


Staff Overview

4. Admission Policies, Number of admissions, Admission quota, Current Student, Graduate Student, University Admission, Employment and so on.

Admission Information

5. Subjects, Method, Contents of Subjects and Yearly Plan

Syllabus (Instructional Design, Contents of Subjects)

6. Clarification of Assessment Standards of Academic Achievement

Available titles and degrees:

Diploma Course: Foundation degree (Eng.)

Advanced Engineering Faculty: Bachelor (Eng.)

7. Campus, Facilities, Education and Research Environment


Campus map

Extracurricular Activities

Education and Research Environment

8. School fees, Admission fees and so on

9. Support provided by National Institute of Technology for Study, Career and Physical and mental health

Student support system (Contact)


Student counseling room

Career Education Information

Contact about admissions

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